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As an adoptee nugget 35,745
Forever_family's Journal Forever_family 27,808
Aria's Adoption Journal musemoon 26,114
Carolyn's Journal carolymppk 23,704
The Story of Our Adoption through Foster Care! ahimsa 20,091
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Birthmother, Wife, Broadcaster, Mommy-to-be. SchmennaLeigh
Avg. Rating:
Total Rating: 177
Total Votes: 39
The Story of Our Adoption through Foster Care! ahimsa
Avg. Rating:
Total Rating: 140
Total Votes: 38
As an adoptee nugget
Avg. Rating:
Total Rating: 126
Total Votes: 29
Carolyn's Journal carolymppk
Avg. Rating:
Total Rating: 115
Total Votes: 24
Aria's Adoption Journal musemoon
Avg. Rating:
Total Rating: 91
Total Votes: 21
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Forever_family's Journal Forever_family 83
Aria's Adoption Journal musemoon 57
doinit4me's Journal doinit4me 38
Carolyn's Journal carolymppk 20
Jannyroo's Journal Jannyroo 20
Most Entries:
Journal Name Journalist Entries
As an adoptee nugget 414
Carolyn's Journal carolymppk 333
'Deep Thoughts' Tigger27 260
Forever_family's Journal Forever_family 154
Jannyroo's Journal Jannyroo 127

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