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Evil Eight ~ Nefarious 15 ~ Sweet 16
Date Posted: 01-25-2013 at 06:55 PM Comments(0)
"Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World"


Evil 8 (signs)

1.) Arrogant Entitlement
2.) Lack of Empathy
3.) No Remorse
4.) Irresponsposible /Self-Destructive
5.) Thrive on Drama
6.) Brag about Outsmarting
7.) Short-Term Relationships
8.) Fantasy World/Delusional

Nefarious 15 (More Signs)

1.) Infiltrate your life
2.) Create Conspiratorial Conflict
3.) Depend on Approval
4.) Build a file
5.) Misdirect and Obfuscate
6.) Blame Others
7.) Lie
8.) Frauds/Cheaters
9.) Isolate Victims
10.) Abuse Authority
11.) Press Hot buttons
12.) Revisionist of History
13.) Two-faced/Gossip
14.) Paranoid
15.) Passive-Aggressive

Sweet 16 (how to succeed)

1.) Define Image
2.) Perception of Eloquence
3.) Play "big"
4.) Accept Praise
5.) Become Essential
6.) Know your real currency
7.) Always have a plan
8.) Keep things "close to the vest"
9.) Investigator Mode
10.) Behave your way to success
11.) Keep options Open
12.) Master System
13.) Nucleus of Supporters
14.) Deal only with truth
15.) Ute Others' ego
16.) Pick your battles

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